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Hello, I'm Rose Frith, a third year Illustration student based in Lincoln. This is my art, please enjoy it. Or hate it, that's fine too. <3

A little something for our grad book! We were all given numbers, mine was 24, so I decided to do something relating to the old 'Sing a Song of Sixpence' nursery rhyme. 
A work in progress - illustration for Heart of Darkness. It was the only part of the book with a cat in it. I HAD TO. 
All these layers are just for the line-art. I&#8217;m trying to do something a bit more interesting and complicated than my normal process.
Cats for Christmas!
Editorial for an article on Excessive Noise! 
I love to decorate the covers of my moleskines~ 

I used the 0.7 mm Uni Posca white pen here.